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Blend Art BA 501 Blade Assembly

Original price was: ₹5500.Current price is: ₹3025.
Blendart BA 501 Blade Assembly is an applicable for model BA 501 Professional Blender . Stainless steel blade set along with the metal bottom blade and can be easy to install manually. Note: The picture of the blender is just for reference.

Blend Art BA 501 Jar 2.0L Capacity With Lid

Original price was: ₹6999.Current price is: ₹4250.
Blend Art BA 0151 Jar 2.0L Capacity Jar with Japanese rustles stainless steel cutting blades. Can be easy and a handy lid plug With a soapy water, this Jug will be sparkling clean in seconds.

Blend Art BA6, 6 Litre Stand Mixer

Original price was: ₹14500.Current price is: ₹7999.
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